Student Organization in Quantum Technologies

A network of students working in quantum information and quantum technologies

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A student organization to gather quantum students from across the world

Our core goals

  • Gather students and create a network between the different students in the quantum information and quantum technologies field
  • Organize bonding event for the quantum community
  • Support local initiatives from student in quantum information and quantum technologies
  • Participate in the vulgarization of quantum physics, quantum information and quantum technologies

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The goal our the organisation is, in addition to create a network, to provide services that will help this network grow.


Access the members directory, search for people working in related field, discover new people


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We support local initiatives from and for the students in the community


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Met the team that make the organisation live !


We are the team in charge of the day-to-day life of the organisation.

Yoann Piétri

President PhD student

Kim Vallée

Vice-President PhD student

Matilde Baroni

General Secretary PhD student

Adriano Innocenzi

Treasurer PhD student


We are the team in charge of enforcing the decisions of the assembly, and appointing special roles.


See the experience of previous and current members of the SoQET network

We are a lot of students working in Quantum Technologies and while we may be close, we don't know each other. That's and shame and SO|QET> aims at reducing those gaps and create links.

Yoann Piétri

President & Founding member

There is definitely a need for this.

Frédéric Grosshans

Associate Scientist

We had a similar idea at the same time

Marco Paradina

Master student at Sorbonne Université

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions on the network ? There might be some answers below. If it's not there, send us an email and we will answer you.

  • What's in there for me?

    First of all, you will be able to look for and discuss with people that are working in similar fields as you. The network allows to search people by research topic or institution and to start discussions with them. The network also organises local events to meet in person, and we support local initiative from students to help build a community around quantum technologies. Reach us if you have any ideas for local projects.

  • You join the network by becoming a member of the So|QET> organisation. This can be done easily by filling the form (link at the top). In this process you also have to accept our statutes and internal rules (links at the bottom). Becoming a member is free of any charge.

  • You cannot be a full member if you are not a student, but this doesn't mean you shouldn't contact us. We can still register you as an alumni (you will be listed in the network without being able to vote for the decisions in the organisation) and we would still be interested in your feedback.

  • Becoming a member of an organisation gives you right that are defined in our statutes. In particular this gives you the right to participate in the making of decisions by the way of the vote during general assemblies, and to be elected to run the organisation. On the other hand, unless you get an elected position, you don't have any duty. Also, your personal information will not be transmitted to the French authorities unless elected to the bureau.

  • Yes ! Our organisation does not limit itself to countries. It is multicultural, multilingual, non-profit, non-religious and independent from political parties and unions.

  • The first act to participate in the network is to talk about it around you, so more people know about it and join the network. Then it's also possible to create or participate in local comittes to organise bonding events between our members. Finally, it is also possible to join the technical team, the board of administration or the bureau during one of our assemblies.


Please reach out for us for any question or any proposition about the organisation. The preferred way of communication is the email.

Our Address

Association SOQET, Chez QICS, Boite courrier 169, 4 place Jussieu, 75005, Paris

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