Privacy policy

Cookies and third-parties

This website does not install any cookie that is not required for the sole purpose of the functioning of the website.

The website does not rely on any third party provider.

The website contains link to other third-party website, but the SOQET website cannot be held responsible for the content available on those third-party websites.


During the registration process, the user has to input the following mandatory personal data:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Username
  • Email address
  • Status
  • Institution
  • Research topic

The user is free to, additionally, fill the optional fields:

  • Biography
  • Tags
  • Profile picture

The user is also free to select, for each field, the level of privacy between three choices:

  • Public: the information is visible by anyone
  • Internal: the information is visible by any member of the network
  • Private: the information can only be seen by the members of the bureau of the organization, for the sole purpose of the functioning of the organization.

Usage and processing of this data

The collected data is used to display information on your used profile, using only information that is either public (for everyone) or internal (only for SOQET members).

The data is not automatically processed by an algorithm.

The data is not transferred to any third party, unless in the conditions that are required by law.

Other personal data, included one set as private, can be access by the members of the bureau of the organization, and by the technical team, for the sole purpose of the functioning of the organization.

Anonymised and aggregated data (number of members, number of members in this institution or with status, etc...) can also be used for SOQET communication.

When saved, your data is also saved in the LDAP annuary of the organization, that might be used for other services of the organisation. In particular, when connecting to the discord of the organization, the authentication will use the LDAP and transfer some of your personal data to discord, to give you the roles and access to the channel.

Rights of access, modification, and suppression

In accordance with French and European regulations, you have the right to access, modify and delete any personal data that was collected by the SOQET organisation.

Those rights can be exercised by contacting the following email address:

In the event of disputes on this matter, and within the rights conferred by the regulations, you may contact the Commission National de l'Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL)